Are you prepared to handle a security breach?

of cyber attacks target small to mid-sized businesses
is the average cost of a breach for small to mid-sized businesses.
of small to medium-sized businesses that are hacked go out of business within 6 months

It's not IF but WHEN.

Many business owners believe a security breach will never happen to them. In the first half of 2019 alone, 4.1 BILLION records were exposed in a number of breaches. Last year has been noted as one of the worst years on record for breaches. It’s only getting

But here’s the thing…cybersecurity is more than following a few best practices or having an antivirus program in place.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are required to have compliance or written cybersecurity policies. Many of them are also required to have a breach response plan in place to make sure they’re following the law in the event of disclosure.

To educate and help businesses wade through the complexity of protecting, complying, and responding to threats, Micro Visions, a leading IT company, and Miller Johnson, a leading law firm, have partnered together to deliver Fortified Cyber Defense, a suite of IT and compliance services.

What’s Included in Fortified Cyber Defense Plans?

Select from several Fortified Cyber Defense plans to keep you covered with the right tools, resources, and expertise on your side. Read more about the individual security layers:

Information Security & Policy Subscription:

Annually updated policies to guide companies in appropriate information security and compliance programs.

Essential Security Best Practices:

An extensive best practices guide providing tips and consulting for optimal security implementation tactics.

Network Scanning & Reporting:

Ongoing scans reveal network risks; reports include network management plan, asset details, network changes, progress reports, and more.

Security Awareness Training:

Reduce the risk of end-user errors through testing and training to build a “human” firewall.

Security Scanning & Reporting:

Ongoing scans reveal security risks; reports include scorecards, failed logins, security permissions,
reviews, and more.

Microsoft Cloud Scanning & Reporting:

Evaluate security configuration, permissions and performance. 

Microsoft Exchange Scanning & Reporting:

Evaluate system health, access rights, and usage/traffic.

Breach Help Desk:

Guidance by cybersecurity attorneys for pre-breach and breach questions.

Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting:

Regular network scans/reports that identify network vulnerabilities and level of risk.

Dark Web Monitoring:

Daily scanning and notifications of accounts/passwords and other information posted on the dark web.

Compliance as a Service:

Recurring scanning of the environment that generates and records evidence of compliance for “due care.” 


Choose from an array of assessments that evaluate, analyze, report and document the appropriate information.